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Step 1 Photographing your Machinery

Take multiple photos of your equipment from the front, sides and back.

✔ Front, Sides & Back photos
✔ Model / Serial plate
✔ Hour meter on usage
✔ Any noticeable damages

Send us up to 10 photos
Short videos are appreciated as well

Step 2 Preparing for Equipment Evaluation

We will have to inspect the machinery in person, help us facilitate the process.

✔ Company Name
✔ Address for site visit
✔ Name of contact person
✔ Mobile no. of contact person

Preferred availability timing slots –
i.e. Thursday morning 8:30-9:30am or 10:30-11:30am

Step 3 Commitment on Processing and Response time

We aim to provide a response as soon as we can, even so immediately.

Please understand that while we might receive your application,
it is still subjected to evaluation from our specialists.

We also require some processing time for internal evaluation & scheduling.
Thank you for your patience in advance.

Application Form - Sell my Equipment

Are you ready to upgrade your fleet of heavy machinery or equipment? At WWTEG, we’ve created a seamless solution to help you transition to newer, more advanced machinery while maximizing the value of your existing assets through our Equipment Buyback Program.