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POWERPLUS range of forklifts 

With competitive running costs, powerful engine with environmental protection, our forklifts are designed for ultimate maneuverability and lifting capacity that could effortlessly perform the job with ease. Ergonomically cabin design and safety features enable driver to operator this mighty vehicle with precise control and seamlessly glide through every tight corners with maximum efficiency.

Featuring Japanese Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Yanmar and Deutz engines

  • Wide foot room & suspension foot brake
  • Dual suspension system
  • Reinforced mast design




Epitomize the highest levels of performance and productivity.


Diesel Forklift 16 Ton


An all new integrated dashboard makes for luxurious comfort for the operator who spends hours behind the wheel. It also allows for an increased 30% storage space resulting in higher productivity. Willi the Improved streamline design from Its predecessor, the ergonomically designed V-Serles of Forklifts is in a class of Its own.


A larger legroom provides exceptional comfort and a small steering wheel makes it easier for the operator to engage tight corners. This new and improved model also boasts of a dual suspension system which significantly reduces noise and vibrations from the engine and transmission. Enhancements like the newly­ designed handbrake and suspension foot brake is incorporated Into this exclusive range.


Safety In the workplace is of utmost importance to POWERPLUS. The wide view mast which Improves visibility from 680mm to 750mm ensures safety for both the operator and the people working around the forklift. Both the canopy and cabin configurations are reinforced by incorporating profiled steel and acrylic glass on the ceiling with the aim to protect the operator from any falling objects or from rolling over.


In a bid to provide better parts and service support, we have standardized most components across our smaller capacity forklifts. For instance. the cabin can be Installed on the standard canopy configuration without any modifications. Furthermore, most of the operation components such as the engine covet. Instrument panel, safeguard and display, just to name a few are interchangeable across the 1.0 to 4.0 ton range.

Technical Specifications - At a Glance
Load Capacity 12000 kg 14000 kg 16000 kg 18000 kg
Load Center 600 mm 600 mm 600 mm 900 mm
Engine Model 6BT5.9-C130 6BT5.9-C130 QSB5.9-C150 QSB6.7-C190
Rated Power 130 HP @2200 rpm 130 HP @2200 rpm 150 HP @2000 rpm 190 HP @2200 rpm
Lifting Speed (laden) 310 mm/s 220 mm/s 205 mm/s 250 mm/s
Travelling Speed (laden) 21 km/h 23 km/h 23 km/h 26 km/h
Overall Length (Without fork) 4410 mm 4855 mm 4855 mm 5840 mm
Overall Width (K) 2250 mm 2250 mm 2400 mm 2750 mm
Turning Radius 4200 mm 4760 mm 5000 mm 5800 mm
Overall Height (J) 3000 mm 3000 mm 3040 mm 3365 mm





More Reasons to Choose WWTEG

One-Stop Service Solution

This one-stop center is achieved through a network of highly certified OEM manufacturers, and effective distribution of spare parts throughout all our vendors globally. Easily determine, locate, order and promptly receive exact parts you require from our POWERPLUS Parts Service Center.

International Warranty

Every POWERPLUS equipment is covered by international warranty, that is recognized by all our authorized agents and distributors. Our construction equipment is covered for 1 year or 2,500 operational hours (whichever comes first), while our range of trucks is covered for 1 year or 100,000 hours (whichever comes first).

Genuine Parts

Every genuine POWERPLUS part is designed and manufactured with quality, durability, and reliability in mind. Considerably minimize equipment downtime, avoid consequential damages, as well as safeguard the validity of warranty claims by using only genuine spare parts.