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POWERPLUS range of Excavators

Designed to last, POWERPLUS Excavators are manufactured with high international standards that are built to withstand harsh working conditions. Years of experience in components integration has given us the capability to architect our range of POWERPLUS Excavators to comply with different operation requirements.

Upon careful selection of premium parts and components from all over the world, this powerful workhorse is
engineered to maximise the capacity of every mechanism for optimal performance with high efficiency.




Epitomize the highest levels of performance and productivity.




• Pilot control system for precise operations
• Ergonomically designed air-conditioned cabin
• Low-noise and reduced vibration cabin for
minimal fatigue
• Easy-to-control levers and panels
• POWERPLUS suspension seat


• Easily accessible components for cleaning and inspection
• Simple replacement procedures for filter and oil elements
• Simplified service routine with reduced service time and
work hazards


• Powerful with high fuel efficiency
• Structurally reinforced to resist bending and torsion
while reducing noise output
• Special edge-molded design to eliminate possible
leakage and reduce oil consumption
• Reduced environmental impact and
carbon footprint
• Comes with international warranty
for minimised downtime


• Italian technology heat-treated bucket teeth
and edges
• Customised solutions to your job requirements
• High adaptability to different attachments

More Reasons to Choose WWTEG

One-Stop Service Solution

This one-stop center is achieved through a network of highly certified OEM manufacturers, and effective distribution of spare parts throughout all our vendors globally. Easily determine, locate, order and promptly receive exact parts you require from our POWERPLUS Parts Service Center.

International Warranty

Every POWERPLUS equipment is covered by international warranty, that is recognized by all our authorized agents and distributors. Our construction equipment is covered for 1 year or 2,500 operational hours (whichever comes first), while our range of trucks is covered for 1 year or 100,000 hours (whichever comes first).

Genuine Parts

Every genuine POWERPLUS part is designed and manufactured with quality, durability, and reliability in mind. Considerably minimize equipment downtime, avoid consequential damages, as well as safeguard the validity of warranty claims by using only genuine spare parts.

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