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Hailed as one of the top five terminal operators in the world by market share, Port of Singapore Authority (PSA) International is a global port operator group with port projects spanning across Asia, Europe, and the Americas. With a core business in transhipment, PSA’s flagship terminal PSA Singapore handles an approximate of 3 million TEU per month, transferring transit containers from one vessel to another vessel bound for its final destination.

Handling a large amount of cargo daily, PSA requires all of their forklifts to work around the clock seven days a week where operators work in shifts to cover the hectic schedule. Not only must the machines be able to stand the heavy usage, but it must also be designed to withstand the corrosive marine environment given the proximity of the port to the sea. It also needs a Forklift that can lift and transport heavy-duty pallet racks of various sizes.

Through a rigorous tender process, POWERPLUS DIESEL FORKLIFTS emerged the winner by outshining the other competitors on its operational and safety features.

The POWERPLUS Diesel Forklift PFD300S-V (3T) and PFD400S-V (4T) were chosen and fitted with the powerful yet fuel efficient MITSUBISHI S4S Engine imported from Japan. The maneuverability and size of the PFD300S-V allows it to work in tight spaces within the cargo containers. At the same time, the heavy lifting model PFD400S-V customized to weather the elements will be deployed out at the shipyard.

When it comes to safety, POWERPLUS Diesel Forklifts is a notch above other brands. All 3T and 4T units were specially customized to meet PSA’s safety requirements. They come equipped with reverse safety features, which include strobe lights, reverse buzzer and rear-view mirrors. In-vehicle cameras are also installed for front-facing and back-facing of the Forklift. At the request of PSA, the forklifts are fitted with a Lockout Tagout (LOTO) and interlock ignition system where operators are impelled to press a button located at the rear of the forklift to activate the electrical system. This system ensures that the operator checks all blind spots of the vehicle before using it, prevent unforeseen accidents.

Ergonomically designed cabins and safety features enable the drivers to operate this reliable workhorse with comfort and peace of mind, contributing to higher productivity.

To learn more about POWERPLUS Diesel Forklifts (1.5T – 50T), please contact our sales team at sales@powerplus.us or call us directly at +65 6339 9333.