Powerplus bulldozers to shape changi airport’s three-runway system

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Powerplus bulldozers to shape changi airport’s three-runway system

Earlier this month, our team of skilled engineers were given the privilege of providing training for the Koh Brothers’ workers on the use of POWERPLUS’ PP14G-IX Motor Graders. In less than a fortnight, the team has returned to the worksite at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 5 once again to provide a second round of training on the use of our D85EX-15 Bulldozers.

The Koh Brothers Group have selected POWERPLUS machinery to be a part of their “largest contract secured to date” – a landmark SGD$1.2 billion joint venture project from the Changi Airport Group that aims to develop a three-runway system so as to meet growing demands.

The firm has also been awarded several eminent projects since its establishment 50 years ago, such as the construction of SGD$582million DTL1 Bugis MRT Station, the state-of-the-art Common Services Tunnel that is said to be second of its kind after Japan, as well as world-class drainage infrastructures like the iconic Marina Barrage, Punggol Waterway, Bukit Timah Canal, Singapore River, and many more.

The choice for POWERPLUS equipment amongst other established local brands is definitely a strong testament to our product, capabilities, and services, considering how the Koh Brothers’ brand rings a bell in almost every Singaporeans’ head.

Four range of Bulldozers is equipped with the finest of components and delivers versatility, productivity, durability and fuel efficiency. Like all other POWERPLUS equipment, our Bulldozers are designed to offer a user-friendly experience. Maintenance is also kept to the bare minimum with simple operative functions. Whether it is involved in the clearance of lightweight debris or the moving of mountains and hills, POWERPLUS Bulldozers are undisputedly the best, catering to every customer’s unique requirements.